The Guardian: "Among classical music’s best-kept secrets"

Our three-part concert-series celebrating the spirit of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes this weekend has been enthousiastically embraced by both audience and critics.

Gunther Broucke, intendant Brussels Philharmonic:
“A Belgian Orchestra playing three concerts in a row at London: it has not happened before. The reactions of both audience and press were overwhelming, and right now the question is not if we will return to London next year, but how many times we shall return”

An overview of the reviews 

The Guardian
“The Brussels Philharmonic and their Swiss composer-conductor music director Michel Tabachnik are among classical music's best-kept secrets”
“A warm, clear sound, bags of enthousiasm and a challenging modernist spirit”
“Ravel's Piano Concerto in G  ranked among the most striking performances of the work to be heard for some time”
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The Telegraph
“An evening of French music that danced and glowed”
“Subtly coloured and musically revealing”
“Tabachniks gentlemanly refinement & very sharp brain”
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Classical Source
“A very capable ensemble”
“Played with splendour and exciting flair”
“As an experienced conductor of avant-garde scores, this work’s forward-looking, kaleidoscopic changes of metre, tempo and timbre come naturally to Tabachnik, and he confidently steered the work over its 16-minute span without using a score”
“Magical in its tenderness”
“Pleasure from first note to last”
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