Back to London

Friday morning at Brussels Midi Station. A violin case here, a cello case there - while most of the instruments are already on their way to the UK, an 80-strong Brussels Philharmonic has silently invaded the Eurostar platforms. 
Coming out of the Channel Tunnel a sunlit London is welcoming us – being back in the UK’s capital feels like being back at our second home. After a short rest in the hotel many musicians gather for the bus to Cadogan Hall, while others seize the day by making the sight-filled trip on foot.

After rehearsal many already know their way around the affluent area of Sloane Square. A quick dinner at the Lebanese and perhaps a little shopping spree, to each his own ritual with enough time to charge for tonight’s concert. With a vibrant Fauré and enticing Schumann Concerto the audience is left in the break wanting more. A former professional ballet dancer from France tells us this is the most beautiful sounding orchestra he has heard here all season – a fantastic compliment from a loyal weekly visitor!

During the break we were treated to this surprise by our good friend composer Youki Yamamoto whom we worked together in Galaxy Studios! Cheers, Youki!

Following the intermission, the sounds of Franck’s symphony fill up the auditorium, an unforgettable experience. Every detail is heard in the lush and warm sounding hall. Maestro Niquet leaves us with no encore, ensuring that the audience can go home with the warm sonority of the Symphony in their ears. As for the orchestra, it's briefly back to Brussels, before flying out to Dublin on Tuesday!

The Cadogan Story

In Cadogan we were treated to an utmost welcoming team, hall and audience. The church-turned-concert hall has an extraordinary acoustic, and is a sight for the sore eyes. Built in 1907 as a church, the building fell into disuse. In the late 90s it was bought by a business magnate who planned to turn it into a residential property. A plan that never came to life as in 2000 the building was purchased by Earl Cadogan who found it to be a perfect opportunity to offer the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra a homebase in London. Now hosting numerous concerts every year, Cadogan Hall offers a wonderful hall with impeccable acoustics. We cannot wait to be back (twice) next season!

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