Eternal signatures & offstage moments

Luc Sirjacques, Andrei Kavalinski, Ward Hoornaert by Liesbeth 
Maestro Tabachnik by Thierry Panchaud

řej Danek from Brno is travelling to Paris with Brussels Philharmonic for the first time as part of his internship with the production department. He is, before all, impressed by la cité's 'wall of fame', and by an offstage moment during Mahler's first Symphony. Read his report!

"Mahler’s “Titan” Symphony, among others, has one more exception: In the first movement three trumpets plays “from a wide distance” before they accompany the orchestra. In Cité, Ward, Luc and Rik were playing this fantastic part from the backstage’s opened doors, from where they couldn’t see the conductor. But every trouble is to be solved and thus a TV replaced maestro Tabachnik for a few moments and gave them a precious signal to play.  96 musicians plus one camera performed Mahler’s first symphony."

Wall of Fame by Ondrej Danek
"In the backstage area of Cité de la musique all the walls are signed by musicians that happened to concert there. It’s almost a John Lennon’s wall with messages by people from all over the world… and Brussels Philharmonic, as a “residential orchestra” of Cité has one of best places: just next to one of entrances to the stage. So that everybody playing in this fantastic hall can read our timeless message."

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