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"Enchanting, brilliant, joyful, magnificent”: Brussels Philharmonic German tour a resounding success!

Yesterday, the Brussels Philharmonic brought its ten-day German tour to an end with a final concert at the Berlin Konzerthaus and a reception at the Belgian Embassy in Berlin. The orchestra has performed on many international stages, but seldom have the musicians and their conductor been so enthusiastically welcomed as in Essen, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Wiesbaden and Berlin. After each concert, the audiences invariably rewarded the Brussels Philharmonic and chief-conductor Michel Tabachnik with overwhelming applause, shouts of bravo and standing ovations.

Gunther Broucke, manager:
"Of course we were counting on success, but the enthusiasm of the audiences surpasses our wildest expectations. In Essen the Philharmonic rose to its feet as one, in Düsseldorf they were in raptures, and I personally have never witnessed an audience like the one in Regensburg. In the Konzerthaus in Berlin Michel Tabachnik was called back to the stage time and time again, and the audience only let him and the orchestra leave after a sparkling encore. What’s more there is a great positive group spirit among the musicians and staff which is driving us further forward and fills me with hope for the future. And the interest shown by international agents, who are standing in line for an exclusive representation, proves our potential!"

The two soloists who travelled with the orchestra also congratulated the musicians . Pianist Herbert Schuch and soprano Anne Schwanewilms, whose CDs sell like hot cakes in Germany, were really pleased with the cooperation and praise the Brussels Philharmonic and chief conductor Michel Tabachnik for their performances.  

Almost 20,000 men, women and children heard and saw the Brussels Philharmonic at work during this tour, including 250 guests invited by the Belgian embassy in Berlin. They opted to defer the celebration of the Belgian Royal Day on 15 November and link it with the concert given by the Brussels Philharmonic in the Konzerthaus. After the concert, Ambassador Renier Nijskens welcomed the musicians for lunch at the Belgian Embassy and was delighted to be able to congratulate them on their performance in person.

Renier Nijskens, Ambassador of Belgium in Berlin
"What the Brussels Philharmonic have shown today is extremely important for the international reputation of our country. That we can draw attention to the Belgian identity and spread our culture like this really is a stroke of luck!”

What is more, the German critics were also full of praise for the concerts!  From "enchanting" to "brilliant" to "magnificent”, there is no end to the hymn of praise. 

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