A picture is worth a thousand words

Our tour in Spain has come to an end and we're already hard at work for our next concerts. We did however have a great time in Spain with the entire team and that's why we wanted to share a photo recap of an amazing weekend!First up was Zaragoza where our musicians took to the streets and explored this wonderful city filled with historical features.
c Julius Himmler
The Cathdedral of Zaragoza: Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar at the banks of the Ebro river is simply breathtaking.
c Emmanuel Tondus
After performing in Zaragoza it was time to continue the tour. Our musicians took to the jetset life and felt right at home travelling in style! On they went to Logroño but not before taking a sneaky picture on the runway.
c Stephan Uelpenich
Final stop Logroño, where we relaxed after a great tour! Almost ready to come home but not before having some fun! Great fun, great people, great tour!

c Marina Lepesevich

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