No rooftop parties!

Since the opening of the Philharmony Köln, more than 10.000 concerts have been played here! We check the schedule for today and are deeply impressed: before Brussels Philharmonic, two other ensembles have played concerts today, one matinee with the one and only Gürzenich Orchester and an afternoon concert with the Turkish Pera Esemble, Echo winner of 2012. We are in great company!

The prestigious concert hall is integrated in a beautiful complex including among others the Museum Ludwig. Its roof is the public Heinrich-Böll-Square, loved by both tourists for its view on the Rhein and by the local scater community for its smooth surface. But beware! During rehearsals and concerts, access is forbidden due to a little accoustic problem: steps of passers by apparently can be heard in the hall below.

While our musicians and Maestro Tabachnik are rehearsing below, we walk in a wide circle around the plateau to be sure not to disturb anyone. But we can't resist and take one quick foto. Just to proof we did not make this crazy story up!

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