Festival Van Vlaanderen in Kortrijk

Hopping over the border, back to Belgium for a day to play in Kortrijk for the Festival van Vlaanderen. The musicians are used to travelling and playing that same day, true professionals and absolute masters at their craft.

Kortrijk brings us Tan Dun, Tchaikovsky and Brahms. A well-balanced programme with challenging and moving music. Tan Dun's piece requires up to 7 timpani, a challenge our timpani player is more than willing to take. Our musicians truly live for the excitement such feats bring.

Tchaikovsky's violin concerto is played by Alena Baeva, who brings vividness to a piece few violinist play to perfection.

We're starting to get warmed up and are ready to truly take to the road!

Oh, before we forget: WTV tv-station was there for the concert in Kortrijk and reported on the events that took place there: report WTV.

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