'Heartwarming indeed': Reviews & Feedback

A review from Edinburgh:
"A sound that was crisp, clean and so close as to be raw, more like what I would have expected to hear from St Petersburg or Moscow orchestras  The clarinets skirled like the best of them, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bass drum attacked with such vehemence.  They then surprised me again with a gentle, pared-back sound for Rodrigo’s evergreen Concierto de Aranjuez, that fitted the music very well, suggesting that, like many British orchestras, the Brussels players are, out of necessity, successful musical chameleons."

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Organist Oliver Condy talks about his experiences while being on the road with Brussels Philharmonic:
"I'm now half way through the tour – and it's been one of the most musically rewarding times of my life. We've played in Brussels, London, Bristol and Bradford, with Carlisle, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough and Cambridge to come.  As a member of the music press, I've gained a very valuable insight into life on the road as a musician. No, it's not all glamour and, yes, it's unrelenting, with rehearsals, travelling and a quick snatched sandwich from the local supermarket preventing us from seeing anything of the towns we visit. There are hours of tedium punctuated by periods of intense excitement and anticipation. And the audiences have been effusive in their reactions. Heart-warming, indeed. So it's on with the tour. Almost there. When the final chord crashes down in Cambridge on 3 December, it'll be the end of a very special week."

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Bristol Post
There’s more to Brussels than EU directives and more-ish mussels with mayo-slathered fries. It’s also home to a rather fine orchestra that turns 80 next year, and has been building something of a UK bridgehead of late with concerts at London’s Cadogan Hall.
In fact when the Brussels Philharmonic fetched up there in February for a three-day celebration of Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, The Guardian hailed it as one of ‘classical music’s best-kept secrets’.
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