Off to London once more!

The musicians of Brussels Philharmonic are heading for a busy weekend: this afternoon, after three hours of rehearsals, they left from a soaked Place Flagey to arrive at London in the evening. Tomorrow again rehearsals, concert at Cadogan Hall in the evening, one more night downtown London, Saturday morning Eurostar to Brussels at 9am.

Saturday around noon we expect our orchestra to be back at Flagey, just in time for a lunch, a few hours of recovery, and another dress rehearsal for the sold-out concert in the evening with Stravinsky's Le sacre du printemps. A physiotherapist and some massagers will make sure that everybody will be in top form!

For everything that will happen inbetween today's departure and saturday's return, follow this blog! Curry-moments, backstage-adventures, musical highlights... we don't know yet what exactly will figure here, but we promise it will be worthwhile!

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